Road to Democracy

Your chance to visit Cape Town. Participate in the International Philatelic Exhibition (IPEX) in Cape Town in November, 2022.

See Gerhard Kamffer’s RDPSA award-winning exhibit ‘The Road to Democracy’ featuring letters written by Nelson Mandela from Robben Island. IPEX (Cape Town) will be a 2000 frame specialised international exhibition under F.I.P. patronage.

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The venue for the exhibition is the Cape Town International Convention Center 2.
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The letter Mandela wrote from prison on Robben Island. He rejects an offer of release into the Transkei. Featured in the Court of Honour.

South Africa’s most valuable stamp, the Woodblock ‘error of colour’. The catalogue value of a good mint example of this stamp is $200 000.

“We shall under no circumstances, accept being released to the Transkei… You know full well that we have spent our lives in prison exactly because we are opposed to the very idea of separate development…”