Exhibition Application Form

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    Specialized World Championship
    Stamp Exhibition

    Cape Town International Convention Center 2

    8-12 November, 2022




    Past Awards received at International (FIAF, FEPA , FIAP) / World (FIP) Exhibitions
    Exhibition name
    National Exhibitions
    Exhibition name
    I hereby confirm my acceptance of all relevant FIP regulations together with the special rules for the exhibition, and I give my consent to information contained on this form being held by the organisers of the exhibition, digitally or otherwise.

    Exhibitor's signature
    Commissioner's declarations – Remarks:


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    The Competitive Classes will be:

    • Class 1 Traditional Philately
      1A Southern Africa – (National Class)
      Including Basutoland, the Bechuanaland’s/Botswana, the Rhodesia’s/Zimbabwe and Zambia , South West Africa/Namibia and eSwatini.
      1 B Rest of World
    • Class 2 Postal History
      2A Postal History 2B Marcophily
      2C Historical, Social and Special Studies (Postal History 2C)
    • Class 3 Aerophilately
    • Class 4 Revenue
    • Class 5 Postal Stationery
    • Class 6 Thematic Philately
      6A Nature 6B Culture 6C Science
    • Class 7 Open Philately
    • Class 8 One Frame
      8A Traditional 8B Postal History
      8C Postal Stationery
      8D Other
    • Class 9 Picture Postcards
    • Class 10 Philatelic Literature
      An information form will need to be provided for each literature exhibit.
      • 10A Printed Philatelic books, pamphlets and studies – issued after 1 January 2016;
      • 10B Philatelic Journals and Periodicals – issued after 1 January 2020;
      • 10C Printed Catalogues – issued after 1 January 2020;
      • 10D digital literature including books, websites and software.
      (Final judging criteria to be confirmed and communicated by 31 December 2022).
    • Class 11 Modern
      Exhibits in this class should predominantly contain material that has been issued in the 20 years prior to the exhibition, i.e., 2002. Acceptance will be based on the recommendation of National Commissioners and the discretion of the Cape Town 2022 Organising Committee. The 20 years will not be rigidly enforced. If the majority of the material falls inside the 20-year period, it can be shown as a Modern Philately exhibit. As an example of the flexibility that can be accommodated, a long-running definitive series with a time span that covers both before and after 2000 may be included if the majority of the material included is post-2000.
      11A Traditional 11B Postal History
      11C Postal Stationery 11D Other

    Entry Fees (as stated in the IREX)
    The entry fee for five and eight-frame competitive classes will be $65 per frame.
    The entry fee for the one-frame competitive class will be $80 per frame.
    The entry fee in the Literature Class will be $35 per entry.
    Entry fees are not refundable.
    Invoices for Frame fees will be sent by the Commissioner General to National Commissioners with the list of accepted entries. Payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice being sent.